Meeting with the Minister of MBIE, the Honourable Dr Megan Woods

1 August 2019, Wellington

The Directors of the three China Research Collaboration Centre (CRCCs), Professor Hong Di, Professor Nigel French and Dr Hu Zhang (representing Professor Jim Mann) met with the Minister of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) on the 1 of August 2019 in the Minister’s office in the Beehive. The three CRCCs gave the Minister a briefing of progress and achievements over the past three years. Minister Woods was very impressed with the progress of the three CRCCs so far. She also stressed that the work the three CRCCs do is important in strengthening the scientific ties between New Zealand and China. She expressed support for the Centres’ activities.

It was a useful and positive meeting with the Minister and to get her support for the three CRCCs.